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The Burmese is a feline that is round everywhere. The head is round, the tips of the ears are round, the eyes, jaw and even the feet are round. This breed is strong both in glances and in feel and has incredible quality.

The layer of the Burmese is short and lustrous. Darker concealing on the focuses might be found in cats, however this concealing vanishes with age, delivering extravagance in any of the acknowledged hues.

While the acknowledged hues for Burmese have expanded in the previous scarcely any years, by far most of Burmese are as yet the customary profound darker.

Burmese are acceptable climbers and jumpers and ought to have feline trees and roosts. The Burmese is a strong, stocky feline and her nourishment ought to be watched to forestall stoutness, especially if the feline doesn’t get enough exercise.

While grown-up Burmese are serene felines, they likewise will in general be exceptionally kittenish and love their every day recess. They love being loved by their parent, and love having their stomach scoured and being petted. An every day petting meeting is an absolute necessity for any Burmese.

More youthful Burmese are dynamic, inquisitive felines, and adjust effectively to changes. Anyway as they get more established, some Burmese can turn into a piece excessively peaceful, liking to observe rather to engage in exercises.

At any age, they love to take a gander at their general surroundings and their preferred spot may regularly end up being where they can watch the world outside. Burmese felines are entirely OK with other Burmese, however they may not get along too with different breeds.

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