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Otters and orangutans are the best friends

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What do you get when you pair a group of orangutans with a gathering of otters? The ideal neighbors.

You can locate the charming closest companions at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, where they frequently go through their days playing together.

The Asian little tore otters live in a waterway that goes through the orangutan region, where 24-year-old “father” orangutan Uijan and 15-year-old “mother” orangutan Sari have lived with their 4-year-old child Berani since 2017.

Having distinctive creature species cooperate together is additionally part of the zoo’s improvement program, Goedefroy included.

The gorillas live with colobus monkeys, while the kangaroos are housed with the pelicans. The seals share space with the penguins, while the zebras consider the bison their neighbors.

Uijan and Berani have gotten particularly near their otter neighbors, regularly pursuing each other around and playing find the stowaway, Goedefroy included.

Pairi Daiza is right now attempting to help reestablish the territory of orangutans on the island of Borneo, where their populace has diminished by over 60% over the most recent 60 years.

The Borneo backwoods are the main territory on the planet for three orangutan species, including the Borneo orangutans.

Goedefroy said Pairi Daiza has right now collected enough cash to plant 11,000 trees in the Borneo woodland to help.

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