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Why do parrots love mirrors so much?

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Gaia Restrepo calls Priprie, her female silvery conure—a little emerald green parrot local to Brazil—”the Queen of Mirrors.”

“She adores taking a gander at her appearance” in mirrors all through the house, Restrepo says, yet Restrepo asked us for what good reason the parrot has been acting especially forceful toward a mirror in her enclosure.

First off, Priprie doesn’t have any acquaintance with it’s her—self-acknowledgment is uncommon among creatures, says Bob Mulvihill, an ornithologist at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Among winged animals, just pigeons and jaybirds comprehend that the creature in the mirror is themselves. (Related: “What Do Animals See When they Look In the Mirror?”)

Pigeons even perceive themselves in a video following a deferral of seven seconds.

So notwithstanding their smarts, parrots aren’t known to perceive their appearance, Mulvihill says. It’s conceivable Priprie either considers her to be as a potential contender—henceforth the forceful action—or a potential companion.

In the event that she were to tenderly snack at her appearance, that would be a case of an agreeable conduct called “allo dressing,” or preparing another individual, Mulvihill says.

Since Priprie’s fixation on mirrors isn’t dangerous or hurtful, Mulvihill recommends giving her a roost by the mirror so she can appreciate the extra “organization.”

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