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The National Zoo affirms its new child panda is a kid

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The sex was reported subsequent to getting a DNA test from the offspring at his first veterinary test September 19, the zoo said in a news discharge. Researchers at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute discovered that a swab test taken by the zoo’s veterinarians affirmed the offspring is a male.

During his latest test on October 1, veterinarians said the fledgling weighed 3.6 pounds and estimated 14 crawls from nose to tail tip. They likewise affirmed he is solid and solid, and his eyes are beginning to open.

The zoo said it had the fledgling’s dad, Tian, “paint” a picture to uncover the sex to the goliath panda guardians and fans on the web.

The offspring was brought into the world August 21 to 22-year old Mei Xiang by manual semen injection. It was the first run through a zoo in the United States encountered an effective pregnancy and birth by means of managed impregnation utilizing just solidified semen, as indicated by the delivery.

This offspring is Mei Xiang’s fourth enduring whelp. Her other three live in China.

The zoo has urged the general population to watch the panda family and the new offspring on its 24-hour panda cam.

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